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Mamadou from Venosa Hotel - Didim

For sure if you were in Venosa Hotel from Didim in 2015 summer or this year 2016 you remember Mamadou and Just - two animation team members who "makes all the money" - means that they are good. They are the best members of the animation team conducted by Mario.
Venosa hotel must be proud to use them in the season. Both of them coming from the francophone Africa region (Central Africa) knowing at least 3 languages after mother languages (French, Turkish and English) and make to feel you well. From between September to June they study the University programs and in the summer are members of the Venosa animation team.

About Venosa Hotel from Didim

The all conditions offered by Venosa Hotel are excellent. Do not try to find some small irregularities like "the door knob stuck is blocked" or "we do not have pork or salmon at dinner" or "the pool water was cold" or "so many Turkish food" or "the Turkish staff do not speak well English" because you will be in a great error.
However at Venosa there is a big problem: Internet access is very very weak.
All of these: routers, server and the internet provider (the connection to the local internet provider) are NOT calibrated to the enormous traffic that exists in Venosa. Everybody want to stay with the phone open and try to access Facebook. We hope that Venosa managers will solve this urgent problem for the next season (year 2017).

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